Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday February 19th

So this week has felt good getting back to eating right and back to CrossFit. I had been working our Hematology Oncology conference last Friday through Monday, so the combination of really long days, hotel food and not being able to eat consistently really threw me off. But I am back on track!

So this is how I started my day:
This week has been a CrossFit only week, meaning there is no lift before the WOD. That might sound like it would be an easier week but it just seems to make the WOD's more intense and longer. The workout was:
Row 500
10 burpees
20 ring dips
10 burpees
30 pull ups
10 burpees
40 Kettlebell swings at 1 pood
10 burpees
50 push press with 45 pounds
10 burpees
60 walking lunges with 25 pound weight being held overhead

It took me 32:49 minutes to complete this series. The hardest part was the 50 push presses because my shoulders were on fire by this point.

These were my zone meals for the day. Pretty standard for me I need to work on mixing up my meals. I also think I want to transition to a more Paleo zone diet . It is similar to the zone diet but with less dairy. Tomorrow morning I am going to the Olympic Weight Lifting class and afterwards there is a group of us that are getting together to talk about our progress on the Zone so I am hoping to get some advice on this.

Breakfast: 1/2 tortilla, 3 oz cheese, 1 1/2 tsp peanut butter, 1 pk instant oatmeal

Snack: 1/2 cup of yogurt, 6 almonds, 1 oz cheese, 1/2 cup of grapes

Lunch:3 oz turkey breast, 2 cups of green beans, 1/4 cup chick peas, 9 almonds

Snack: 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, 6 almonds, 1 cup of grapes

Dinner: 3 oz turkey breast, 1 slice of bread, 2 cups of celery, 1 tbs dressing

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